Date: 30 Oct-01 Nov 2015         Venue: Intercontinental Hotel /TonlebasacII

 Time: 8:00am-17:00pm                    Language: Khmer/English     

Today organization’s success is largely depends on its human capital in order to achieve the organizational performance and business strategic plan; especially, people are the most valuable asset. Thus, this program are meant to provide new appointed managers with the core knowledge and skills that they would need to lead and inspire their team well in a fast-paced environment and full of changes and challenges for today managers.

This seminar will give you the crucial foundational skills to shift from being an individual contributor to a well-respected manager who can achieve team success. This interactive course helps managers, or those with some experience, who want to further develop skills, learn and practice both people skills and management skills to develop good performance from the team.


To improve knowledge, skills, critical thinking and professional manner in self-management, goal achievement, personal accountability, flexibility, resiliency and self-starting for effective management roles within an organization

Expected Outcome

At the end of this informative and practical training course, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand their roles as a Manager
  • Understand the best practice of leadership skill
  • Be able to motivate and lead their team towards high performance
  • Use effective problem solving and decision-making techniques
  • Learn the process of delegation and how to delegate effectively
  • Learn and practice key coaching techniques
  • Learn and practice key performance management
  • Effective meeting management
  • Effective time management

Course Outlines

I.  Career in Management  II. Management and Leadership
Concept of management

Management roles

The challenges of new managers

Leadership quality

The difference between leader and manager

Understand the motivational factors

Create a winning motivated team

III. Communication for result IV. Decision Making and Problem Solving
Communication process

Effective verbal and non-verbal communication

Written communication

Problem solving process

Understand the root causes of the problem

Practical remedies for best practice solution

V. Effective Delegation VI. Effective Meeting management
What and whom need to delegate?

Process of delegation

When to delegate effectively

How to manage before meeting

Working effectively during meeting

Working effectively after meeting

VI. Time management VII. Performance Management
How to manage ourselves?

How to manage the tasks?

How to manage others?

Effective Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Appraisal process

SMART goal of performance management 

Training Methodology

The training methodology will be focused on Experience Based and Participatory Approaches include: lecture, student-centered including brainstorming, role play, small group discussion with plenary presentation, plenary discussion, group work, team involvement in decision making, participants’ problems raised during the workshop for discussion, communication game and any other contributions will be held in high respect.

Training tools, materials and facilities

The LCD projector, flipcharts, posters, color papers, handouts, folders, pens, papers and other stationeries, especially, daily evaluation and final evaluation and other specific materials were used to present key learning concepts and structures and to make good environment for learning and to ensure the training run smoothly and efficiency.

Trainer’s Credentials

Mr. Oum Sony, He presently works for a leading international NGO as Country Director. He is also BOD of OPS, and BOD of Social Enterprise. He has a Master Degree of Science (MSc.) in the field of Biodiversity Conservation from the Royal University of Phnom Penh with distinction thesis. Sony also holds a Bachelor Degree (BBA) in General Management from National Institute of Management.

He has over 15-year professional experiences. Of which, his 9-year experience was in Administration and Finance Management, the 8-year in Practical Project Management, Proposal Writing and Fundraising, Project Monitoring and Evaluation. He has been training and lecturing at Cambodian institutes and universities. He also works as a freelancer (consultant) for project evaluation. In addition, he attended many international training programs and conferences in China, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and United Kingdom.

Who should attend the course?

This training course is designed for NGO managers, executives and supervisors, newly appointed/ prospective managers and those who wish to gain the knowledge, understanding and necessary skills to design a new project and writing a proposal effectively and successfully. It is also suitable for employees who are considered to be ready for further development.

What will be included with the training course?

  • Group photo of participants
  • Training materials
  • Certificates are awarded by LIFE
  • Two lunches and four refreshment

Training Fee

Course fee: US$198 per person

Deadline Registration: 23 October 2015

If you register and Payment before deadline:

  • Get 5%- discount for sending 1- 2 staff
  • Get 10%- discount for sending 3-5 staff
  • Get 1 Free for sending more than 5 staff

More information

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Add:                  #921, St 371, Sangkat Boeng TumPun, Khan Mean cheay

Email:              lifesuccess.asia@gmail.com / info@lifesuccess.asia

Website:        www.lifesuccess.asia


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TP-J004 Coaching For Peak Professional Performance 24-25 Oct 15 09 Oct 15
TP-J005 Compensation, Benefits, and Payroll Management  24-25 Oct 15 09 Oct 15
TP-J006 Effective Management Skill 30 Oct-01 Nov 15 25 Oct 15
TP-J007 Professional Office Management and Secretarial Affairs New 30 Oct-01 Nov 15 25 Oct 15
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