Problem Solving & Decision Making



Problem Solving & Decision Making

Date: 22 April 2017
Venue: Techzone


Time: 8:00am-5:00pm
Language: Khmer/English



Course Objectives

  • Identify and analyze the problems that need to be solved;
  • Apply an active attitude towards problem solving and decision making;
  • Develop and use intuition in decision (Emotional Intelligence);

Be confident in applying methods and tools to solve the problems and make decisions in response to opportunities and threats.

Course Contents

Session 1: Recognizing the problem Session 2: Analyzing the problem


  • What is a problem?
  • Recognizing a problem.
  • Defining the ownership of the problem.


  • Stating the problem.
  • Finding possible causes.
  • Fishbone diagram and 5 Why?
Session 3: Choosing and implementing solutions Session 4: Decision Making Skills


  • Finding solutions: logical approach vs. creative thinking
  • Brainstorming to find solution
  • Choosing an effective, feasible, and efficient solution
  • Useful tools for choosing solutions


  • Nature and types of decision
  • Decision making process
  • Decision making using intuition (emotional intelligence).

Common mistakes

  • Not having the necessary problem solving and decision skills to act as business managers;
  • Not having an active attitude towards problem solving and decision making;

Reluctant when facing problems and challenges, especially when lack of sufficient information and data;

Not leading by examples.

Target Participants

The course on “Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills” is designed for business owners, managers, and team leaders who have to deal with problems, solve problems and make decisions in their daily work.
This means their work relates to:

  • Forecasting and planning;
  • Daily operations of the business that involve teams and working process.

has an MBA in the field of management. He currently works for leading MFIs as VP and Administration Director. He had worked for 15 years’ experience with a microfinance institution, Pharmaceutical distributor as HR and administration Director, and NGOs in the field of human resources and administration management. He also attended many local and international practical training programs on staff management, effective performance management, leadership, communication, administration management, human resource management, and development of SMEs in the Mekong region in Japan and exposer training on practical HR management in Philippine.
He has almost ten years experiences on providing both Practical and Theory training to many universities levels, such as Human Resources Management, Office Management, Principle management, Strategy management, Entrepreneurship and time management and practical training to many companies and NGOs on Effective Practical Administration management, Effective Practical human resources management, Effective compensation and benefit management, Effective staff performance management, and Effective Training of trainer, and etc

Who should attend the course?

This program is designed for:

New promoted managers or supervisors, prospective managers or supervisors, self-grow with some experience sales person but with no formal training.

What will be included with the training course?

  • Mini-lecture presentation;
  • Storytelling;
  • Open discussion;
  • Practical case study;
  • Self-assessment;
  • Role play;
  • Brainstorming

Training Fee: 120 USD per person. 68USD for first 12 persons

Deadline Registration: 20th April 2017

  • Get 10%- discount for sending 2 staff
  • Get 15%- discount for sending 3-5 staff
  • Get 1 Free for sending more than 5 staff

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