Date:  16-17 January 2015                               Venue: Intercontinental Hotel /TonlebasacII

    Time: 8:00am-17:00pm                                    Language: Khmer/English 

Procurement is the process of acquiring goods, works and services. The process spans the whole cycle, from identification of needs through to the end of a service contract/the end of the useful life of an asset and its disposal. It is concerned with securing goods and services that best meet the needs of users and the stakeholders whilst providing best value, in order to help achieve the organization’s key priorities. Contract management is the proactive monitoring, review and management of contractual terms secured through the procurement process to ensure that what is agreed is actually delivered by suppliers or partners.

Why should you attend this training?

  • The two-day training covers all aspects of procurement and contract negotiation processes and warehouse management that apply to many organizations.
  • This all-day conference will bring together procurement professionals and experts from development, the public sector, private sector, academia, and professional associations
  • The course demonstrates how to manage procurement and contract negotiation activities which is concerned by the
  • Tasks will be centered on real business issues so that increased awareness can relate directly to your current business.

Learning Outcomes
Participants will be able to:

  • Explain what is purchasing and identify different types of purchasing processes
  • Identify the main criteria that should be considered in selecting suitable a supplier
  • Explain the goods movements associated with contract management
  • Will discuss the contribution of procurement to organizational outcomes and groundbreaking new approaches to increasing procurement’s efficiency.
  • Understanding contract negotiation skill effectively
  • Understanding how to manage warehouse and stock properly

Course Content:
Section 1: Concept of procurement  

  • Definition
  • The basic principle of procurement
  • Procurement Categories

Section 2: Purchasing Management

  • What is purchasing?
  • Purchasing functions
  • Purchasing cycle
  • Purchasing professionals

Section 3: Supplier selection Management

  • Importance of supplier selection
  • Supplier selection process
  • Supplier evaluation criterias
  • Supplier evaluation methods

Section 4: Procurement of goods

  • Technical Specification Development
  • Request for Quotations
  • Evaluation
  • Contract Awards

Section 5: Procurement of service Consultant

  • Terms of Reference
  • Request for Proposals
  • Evaluation
  • Contract Awards

Section 6: Tender

  • Tender Process
  • Biding Document Content
  • Inco terms

Section 7- Contract Negotiation

  • What is the contract and negotiation?
  • When we\need to negotiation?
  • Types of Contract
  • Structure of contract
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Contract management & procedures
  • Dispute Resolution

Section 8: Warehouse Management 

  • Roles of warehouse in a company
  • Logistic processes in the warehouse
  • Material and products flows
  • Information systems in the warehouse


  • Procurement and contract management analysts, managers, & directors
  • Contract administrators
  • Acquisition specialists, managers, and directors
  • Project managers
  • Subcontractors, quality assurance personnel, and others looking to advance their career 

Who is the trainer?
Mr. Phat TThomashomas is a founder of LIFE. He has an MBA in the field of General management. He currently works for leading MFIs as VP and Administration Director. He has 15 years’ experiences with a microfinance institution, Pharmaceutical distributor as HR and administration Director, and NGOs in the field of human resources and administration management. He also attended many local and international practical training programs on staff management, effective performance management, leadership, communication, administration management, human resource management, and development of SMEs in the Mekong region in Japan and exposer training on practical HR management in Philippine. He has many years experiences on providing both Practical and Theory training to many universities levels, such as Human Resources Management, Office Management, Principle management, Strategy management, Entrepreneurship and time management and practical training to many companies and NGOs on Effective Practical Administration management, Effective Practical human resources management, Effective compensation and benefit management, Effective staff performance management, and Effective Training of trainer, and etc.

What will be included with the training course?

  • Group photo of participants
  • Training materials
  • Certificates are awarded by LIFE
  • Two lunches and four refreshment

The course fee is excluded tax : US$198 per person
Register & Pay before deadline: 09 January 2016
If you register and pay before deadline:

  • Get 10%- discount for sending 1- 2 staff
  • Get 15%- discount for sending 3-5 staff
  • Get 1 Free for sending more than 5 staff

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