About Us


LIFE is a non-political, non-sectarian local capacity development NGO, which has been established in December 2012 recognized by and registered with Ministry of Interior of the Royal Government of Cambodia. LIFE provides capacity development, human resources management and research to NGOs, private sectors and government institutions through professional training program, human resource management &development which recognize the limitation of professional training standard approaches, human resources management and research to learning in Cambodian social development sector in order to strengthen the capacity of society needs.

BOD’s member

  1. Mr. Phat Thomas, Chairman
  2. Mr. Oum Sony, Member
  3. Mr. Mech Sokmetrey, Member
  4. Mr. Ouy Vesna, Member
  5. Mr. Im Kimsak, Member
  6. Mr. Meuong Linda, Memmber
  7. Phat Pitou, member

Executive Team

  1. Mr. Phal Sovannarith, CEO
  2. Mr. Khan Sovann, Admin and HR
  3. Mr. Heng Borin, Marketing manager

HRA and Development training team leader

  1. Mr. Phat Thomas, Team leader
  2. Mr. Phal Sovannarith, Member
  3. Mr. Oum Sony, Member
  4. Tho Sroy, Member
  5. Mr. Ouy Veasan, Member
  6. Mr. Im Kimsak, member

Project Management and development Team leader

  1. Mr. Oum Sony, Team Leader
  2. Mr. Phal Sovannarith, member
  3. Mr. Phat Thomas, Member
  4. Mr. Heng Borin, Member

Tel: 069 555528/ 069 5555 66/ 010 777 133/ 015 57 3022
Building #19F , St 271 , Sankat Boeng Salang, Khan Toul Kork /
lifesuccess.asia@gmail.com / info@lifesuccess.asia