Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making


Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making 

     Date:  09 November 2016                          Venue: Intercontinental Hotel /TonlebasacII

     Time: 8:00am-17:00pm                                  Language: Khmer/English 

If problem solving is a key responsibility in your role, and you are interested in exploring different methods to improve the quality of your decision making, this training will help you meet your objectives.

In our fast paced reality, we are constantly challenged with the need to make decisions. Some are targeted at solving problems, while others are aimed at preventing them. Our ability to prevent a situation from deteriorating into a complex problem depends on our understanding of the issue at hand, and on our ability to choose the appropriate response.

This training programme focuses on improving your problem solving and decision-making competence. As these processes often happen very quickly, you will learn how to break the process down into stages, practice each individual stage and end it by putting them all together.

Workshop Content
The schedule for this course is as follows:

Day One

  1. Introduction & Welcome
  2. Personal Objectives
  3. Defining Problem Solving & Decision Making
  4. Multiple Intelligences
  5. Current State – Causing the Problem
  6. Situational Analysis Model
  7. Cause & Effect Process Mapping
  8. Define the Problem
  9. What’s the Problem?
  10. Root Cause Defining The Real Problem
  11. Future State – Make A Decision
  12. What Do You Want?
  13. Purpose & Values
  14. Loss & Gain
  15. Opportunities & Risks
  16. What Could Go Wrong?
  17. Proactively Deal With Potential Problems
  18. Contingency Planning
  19. Personal Action Planning

Day Two
Step (I) – Situational Analysis

  1. Identify Concerns
  2. Priorities
  3. Next Steps

Step (II) – Focus on the Goal

  1. Exercising Choice
  2. Knowing What You Want
  3. Prioritising

Step (III) – Communicate

  1. Focusing Your Energy & Attention
  2. Listening
  3. Empathic Communication

Step (IV) – Innovate

  1. Creativity
  2. Patience & Composure
  3. Process

Step (V) – Close The Loop

  1. Sensory Acuity
  2. Summarise
  3. Closure
  4. Personal Action Planning

Suitability- Who should attend?
This course is aimed towards all employees who want to ensure that work activities run efficiently by making decisions and handling.

Trainer Profile   
1Dr. Trevor Suter Learning & Leadership Specialist – Founding Director Doctorate in Business Administration – Leadership Development Master’s Degree in Business Administration – Systems Thinking and Complexity Post  Grad  Cert  Management,  Post  Grad  Dip  Management,  Bachelor  of  Arts    Degree  (Hons) International Business Higher National Diploma (HND) – Business and Finance Cert Health and Safety,  Parts  1&2   Accredited   Associate  of  Institute for  Independent   Business  International (AInstIB)

With more than 30 years’ experience working with people and teams, in Learning and Leadership Development and as an International Leadership & Business Performance Consultant, Trevor has worked with the worlds ‘best of the best’. This includes: elite ‘Special Armed Forces’ from different countries; Government Agencies and other high profile individuals and organisations from around the world including: Norwich Union Insurance, Canada Life, Sun Life of Canada, Blackstar (London), London Metropolitan Police Force, London Transport, US Navy Seals, British Special Forces and HM Royal Marines Commandos and Royal Navy, The European Commission, Ford Motor Cars, Sony Electronics, and numerous individuals and organisations in Cambodia including Cellcard, HR Inc, Canadia Bank, DAMCO, RHB Indochina Bank, ANZ Royal Bank, Lom Orng, Handicap International, Prudential, Coca Cola, Adidas, C&A, Comin Khmer, Vision Fund, BAT, Ezecom, Forte Insurance, Dumex, Wing, Royal Limousine, Vattanac Bank, CIMB Bank, CTN, Transparency International, Amret Microfinance, Kredit MF, DFDL, SCA Cambodia Airports, Cambrew, Crown, Smart Axiata, Pachem Dental Clinic, Room-to-read, Total, Dell Computers, Ganzberg Beer Cogetel (Online) Nexus, RMA, iOne,

Trevor has also worked with some highly respected people in Leadership Development; Sir John Whitmore, CEO of Performance Consultants International, Gerard O’Donovan, of Noble Manhattan Coach Training organisation, and Dr Paul Thomas of DNA Definitive – leadership development and  complexity  specialists, and  a  number  of  senior country managers in the IBM Group and many specialist  colleagues  across  the  globe  from  the  IIBI (Institute for Independent Business International).

2Mr.Bouth Chan Vibol (Luke) Professional Learning & Development Facilitator BBA Degree in Business Administration, NUM Cert IV in Training and Assessment – Fortress Learning, Australia

With more than 13 years’ experience working with people, in business and in organisations in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan, Vibol (Luke) has committed to developing himself and helping others to develop their skills, knowledge and positive attitudes. His main speciality lies in people skills -“soft skills”. Luke believes that while a combination of soft and technical skills are important; it is the soft (people) skills that are essential for enhanced management and in the 21st century’s business environment; and it is these skills, along with critical thinking, that are lacking – but most needed – here in Cambodia.
Luke began  working  with    people in   teaching  roles and youth  counselling  and also  with a   number   of training organisations   working as a trainer, facilitator and coordinator 10 years ago. He joined Inspire Asia at the beginning of 2015 after he was offered a position as a  trainer and facilitator, where his skills and knowledge have become even more global and broad. For the past 3 years his main role has been in facilitating and coordinating all programs and workshops, and also in training and translation. He delivers professional programs, workshops and seminars in both Khmer and English and regularly receives excellent feedback from clients.

Luke has worked with many individuals, businesses and organisations in Cambodia across a broad range of sectors including many different NGO’s, logistics, telecommunications, MFI’s,  banking and finance,  insurance,  wholesale distribution, manufacturing, engineering, construction, petroleum, oil  and  gas, brewing and canning, educational institutions, service industries, franchise companies, dental clinics and tourism and  hospitality. He  continues his research and understanding of the needs and requirements of the Cambodian organisations and workforce so that his skills may be utilised and shared with others not just in a theoretical way but through practical application and full understanding.

Workshop Details   
What will be included with the training course?

  • Group photo of participants
  • Training materials
  • Certificates are awarded by LIFE
  • Two lunches and four refreshment

Workshop Fee:
Course fee: US$240 per person
Register & Pay before deadline: 01 November 2016

  • Discounted price US$ 210 per person

More information and Registration
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